The Bacuma Boys

The Bacuma Boys are a declining two, three or four piece acoustic group/band which specialises in music from the 1920s, with some older stuff and the odd 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s song thrown in - and a lot thrown out.

Their music varies from blues and jazz to western swing and some traditional and contemporary folk, plus the odd novelty number and one or two lesser known chart hits, mainly from 1927.

With a collective age of 268, they hail from Bacuma in the southern state of Alabama, where they breed the rare Bacuma left-handed fighting pigs, in between travelling the world playing their unique style of music at various pig breeders' conventions. These 'gruntfests' are held at such prestigious venues as The Pentagon (a Coney Island amusement park), Chequers (a well known Buckinghamshire hostelry) and Bert's Cafe, just off the south circular. They say they have played together forever, although the fact of the matter is they are simply too old to remember.

A Baum plays various guitars, mandolas and mandolins and is no longer allowed onto a four-string banjo. D Maggs plays 6 and 12 string guitars and various slides and the harmonica, all left-handed.

Original member Howard Cudby left the band in 2009 to be replaced by 70s rock star Max Hunt (accordion, keyboards and balalaika, if needs must) and the excellent and right-handed Richard Cox-Smith (vocals, guitar, dobro).  Howard Cudby sadly passed away in 2011 and Max is sadly departing the UK in 2018. What will become of us?  Will the grunt die?